Autodip Metallic Gunmetal 15oz Spray Can

  • Brand: Autodip
  • Product Code: ADMT03EX
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AutoDip is a Vinyl based, automotive specific spray paint. Available in a variety of finishes, and with true gloss finishes compared to rubber based sprays. Autodip's proprietary formula contains UV protection additives that help maintain its finish for up to 2 years. Thoroughly tested on most types of automotive surfaces (alloys and clear coats)..

Metallic colors typically require a Gloss Black base coat to achieve a full metallic effect. Gold however can use a Arctic White base coat for a overall lighter gold finish.

  • Metallic Finish Peelable Vinyl Based spray for automotive clear coated surfaces
  • Guaranteed 2 years with proper application, UV resistant formulation
  • Please review coverage chart for quantity of cans needed for project
  • Easily change the color of your wheels or interior exterior trims
  • No additional gloss clear coat layer to achieve true gloss effect, single stage procedure

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